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Muls are the results of crossbreeding humans and dwarves. Each mul is sterile; the only way to create a new mul is through the union of a human and a dwarf. This race of mixed heritage has existed since the two primary races first came in contact with each other, but muls have only achieved great numbers since the city-states of the sorcerer-kings began breeding them for specific purpose and profit. Most muls are born in the slave pits of the merchant houses and city-states and then set to work as laborers or gladiators.

A mul has the height and adaptability of his human heritage and the raw strength and durability of his dwarf side. Adult muls stand between 6 and 7 feet tall and weigh as much as 300 pounds. They have a high metabolism that makes them lean and muscular, with broad shoulders and very little body fat. Muls look like large humans with a few obvious differences: prominent eye ridges, pointed ears, and no body hair.

This race, like the half-giants and half-elves, doesn't have a culture of its own. With few exceptions, muls are slaves or ex-slaves who live in the city-states or among the slave tribes that inhabit the wastes. Born to the slave pens, the taskmaster's whip takes the place of loving parents and family. For this reason, muls often have gruff personalities and tend toward violent reactions. Many never seek friends or companionship, living out their lives of servitude in hatred and spite.

Some muls learn the ways of the slave pits, figuring out who to trust, who not to, and gaining favor and reputation among the other slaves. Muls who perform well in the arenas receive the most pampered treatment of any slaves. For this reason, some don't see slavery as that great a hardship. However, those who have tasted the sweet air of freedom will fight to retain it.

Player character muls have either escaped, been set free, or otherwise won their freedom and now live independent lives. Free muls usually take advantage of the combat skills they've acquired and work as soldiers or guards. A smaller number turn away from violence to follow other paths, such as psionic disciplines or priestly devotions. A few even learn the skills necessary to become thieves. As demihumans, mul characters can select from a number of multi class options.

Because of their amazing level of endurance, muls can work harder and for longer periods of time before needing rest than most other races. This is shown on TABLE Xll below; a mul's Constitution score is added to the type of labor, which results in the total number of hours (or days) he can work before he must rest. Regardless of the type or length of exertion, eight hours of undisturbed sleep allows a mul to awaken fully rested and ready to begin work again. Perhaps this durability takes its toll in other areas, for the average mul lives only to a maximum age of 90. His base movement rate is 12.

Exertion Time Before Requiring Rest
Heavy labor (stone construction, quarry work, running) 24+Con (hours)
Medium labor (light construction, mining, jogging) 36+Con (hours)
Light labor (combat training, walking encumbered) 48+Con (hours)
Normal activity (walking, conversation) Con (days)
Suggested Experience Points

The PC receives 1% of their next level jump for demonstration of his/her extraordinary exertion ability.

Racial Benefits

Muls have 30 points to spend. Up to 5 points can be saved for spending in the traits and disadvantages stage of character creation. The points may be spent of the following characteristics:

8 Fitness bonus +1.
10 Bonus Hit point: The Mul gains one addition hp per die.
10* Lesser Infravision 30’
15 Full Dwarf infravision 60’
20* Mul endurance and exertion: See description above.
5 Popularity. A celebrated hero in her home state or town, the Mul receives a +2 to all reaction encounters with compatriots.
10 Regeneration: The PC’s hardy constitution heals the PC of 1 hp every three hours.
10 Tough hide: AC 8, non-cumulative with other physical armor (except shields). This characteristic reduces Appearance subability 2 points.
15 Telepathic resistance: This character automatically gets the cannibalism and ejection disciplines, which operate automatically regardless of the psionicist’s will. The psionicist cannot gain any other psionic powers. Note that these abilities, like others, can be disabled by mindwipe or mind thrust.

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