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The insectoid thri-kreen is the least "human" of the player character races. The average thrikreen stands 7 feet tall and grows 11 feet long from end to end. With six limbs, a sandy-yellow exoskeleton, and large, multifaceted eyes, a thri-kreen looks like a huge, intelligent mantis. While there are at least six kreen subspecies, the two most prominent in the Tyr Region are jeral and to'ksa kreen. Of these, player characters tend to be drawn from the ranks of the jeral.

A thri-kreen's hind legs are its most powerful limbs, allowing him to walk, run, and leap at phenomenal speed. (A thri-kreen's base movement rate is 18.) The four forward limbs end in three-fingered hands that can manipulate tools and weapons as effectively as a human's hands.

Thri-kreen gather in packs that roam the Athasian wastes. There are no permanent thrikreen communities, which may account for why they have little understanding of human society or customs. Thri-kreen don't need sleep and are thus never idle. Most thri-kreen are obsessed with the hunt, the daily ritual that makes up much of their life. They strive to become skilled and wise hunters capable of stalking and catching what they need and then moving on before a region is depleted of game.

Nonkreen sometimes view this preoccupation with gathering food and maintaining traveling supplies as a bit strange, especially considering that thri-kreen hunt throughout the night while other races "lazily lie around." Further, thri-kreen care nothing for money or other items that are usually considered as treasure. In fact, a thri-kreen owns only what he can carry on his person.

Carnivores, thri-kreen will look toward other intelligent races as sources of food in extreme emergencies. Some kreen have a particular taste for elves, which puts both races in uneasy positions when forced to cooperate. However, thri-kreen won't turn to other members of their "packs" for food—no matter how desperate the situation. A thri-kreen PC adopts his adventuring companions as his pack, regardless of their mix of races; this includes whoever he is with at the time danger strikes. He'll instinctively leap to protect his companions, regardless of personal danger. The pack mentality is so ingrained in thri-kreen culture that they apply it to every situation they find themselves in.

Thri-kreen PCs can select from any warrior, priest, or psionicist class, as well as a number of multi class options. They have no ability or understanding of wizardly magic and can't develop the skills or mind set necessary to be rogues. A thri-kreen PC is immune to charm person and hold person spells.

A thri-kreen PC makes and uses a number of weapons, such as gythka and chatkcha, fashions clothing and bodily decorations, but never wears armor. He can use most magical items available to his character class, though items specifically designed for the humanoid form (rings, cloaks, girdles, bracers, armor, etc.) won't function for him.

Suggested Experience Points

Thri-kreen receive 1% of their next level jump for relying on their natural attacks, 1% for role-playing the kreen (subjection to party-leader, willingness to die to protect party, etc.).

Racial penalties:
Inability to swim, climb, or punch.
Vulnerability to humidity
Treated as Size M creature for all combat purposes, including speed, critical hits, etc.
Never wears armor. He can use most magical items available to his character class, though items specifically designed for the humanoid form (rings, cloaks, girdles, bracers, armor, etc.) won't function for him.
Thri-kreen live to a maximum age of 35 years.
Racial Benefits:

Thri-kreen have 50 points to spend. Up to 5 points can be saved for spending in the traits and disadvantages stage of character creation. The points may be spent of the following characteristics:

5* Antennae sense: A thri-kreen's antennae help him maneuver through brush and grassland in the dark. They also lessen the effects of darkness and blindness on melee combat by 1. Ranged combat isn't affected, however.
5 Balance bonus: +1 to balance.
5* Bite attack in Melee: If using a weapon, the kreen can strike with the weapon and apply a bite in the same round. Multiple attacks allowed by higher levels only apply to weapons.
5*/10 Chatchka weapon bonus. At 5th level, a thri-kreen receives the chatkcha proficiency as a bonus. (If the character already has the proficiency, he gets nothing.) Those proficient with the throwing weapon can hurl it for 90 yards. If it misses its target, it returns to the thrower. If PC has venom benefit, it also learns how to make Chatchka and automatically gets the proficiency. 10-charp version: Also learns how to make any other kreen weapon that she gains proficiency in.
5 Chitin hide: AC 7 before dexterity
15* Chitin armor (natural) AC 5 before dexterity adjustments.
5* Dodge Missiles: Upon reaching 7th level, a thri-kreen develops the ability to dodge missile fire on a roll of 9 or better on 1 d20. Only physical missiles can be dodged, not magical effects (such as the magic missile spell). Physical missiles that have been enchanted modify the dodge roll by their plus. Thus, a thri-kreen can dodge an arrow +3 on a roll of 12 or better (9+3=12).
5 Elven predator. When hungry, the Kreen gets a + 1 to hit and damage against elves. (+2 if the elves are frightened)
25 Four-Weapon Fighting. At sixth level, the kreen gains the 2-weapon fighting proficiency; at eighth level, no longer has the -2 penalty with the off-hand weapon, and at tenth level, can fight four-handed without penalty. The kreen may wield matching small or medium weapons in its upper hands, and only matching small weapons in its lower hands.
5 Hunting non-weapon-proficiency comes free, with a +1 bonus every 3 levels, up to a score of 19.
5* Jumping. Upon reaching 3rd level, a thri-kreen develops a powerful leap that allows him to jump 20 feet straight up or 50 feet forward. He can't leap backward.
5* Natural attacks. If fighting without weapons, a thri-kreen can make four claws and one bite attack every round (1 d4x4/1 d4+1 damage).
5 Pheromone speech. allow a small "vocabulary" of short non-verbal messages to thri-kreen and other friendly insects within 10-40 feet, depending on wind. Insects are under no obligation to obey or even acknowledge the message.
5* Poisonous spittle. Upon reaching 5th level, a thri-kreen develops a venomous saliva. When a victim receives a bite, he must save versus paralyzation or be paralyzed for a number of rounds as follows: smaller than medium-sized creatures, 2d 10 rounds; medium-sized creatures, 2d8 rounds; large creatures, d8 rounds; huge and gargantuan creatures, 1 round.

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