House Rules:

Aarakokra Race

Of all the aarakocra who live beneath Athas' crimson sun, only the silvaarak of the White Mountains can be used as player characters. The bird-people born to the village of Winter Nest grow to an average height of 7'k feet tall with wingspans of 20 feet. Males weigh about 100 pounds, while females weigh about 85. With gray beaks, black eyes, and plumage that ranges from purest white to silver to shades of pale blue, the aarakocra of Winter Nest look much different than the bird-people of the deep desert.

Aarakocra who leave Winter Nest to become player characters are seen as young rebels by the rest of their community. They are adventurous, seeking higher purpose and a way to help the beleaguered world. In all cases, aarakocra have a deep and abiding respect for the gifts of nature and little patience for those who abuse those gifts.

As beings intimately connected to high mountain peaks and the open sky, aarakocra have a great love of freedom. In some ways, this love is even more intense than a similar emotion experienced by elves. They prefer to always be above a situation, either flying or perched above the rest of a group so that they can have a bird's-eye view. Aarakocra are claustrophobic and will only enter an enclosed building or cave if absolutely necessary.Aarakocra make excellent fighters and good rangers, but their fear of enclosed places makes them wither in captivity, so they can never develop into gladiators. The silvaarak send a select number of their village to learn preserving magic from Oronis of Kurn, but no bird-person can develop the skills necessary to be a defiler. All other character classes, except for bard, are open to aarakocra PCs. Like all character races, they can excel as psionicists. The following game statistics apply to the aarakocra player character:

An aarakocra PC has a natural Armor Class of 7. However, because his bones are light and fragile, any damage caused by a bludgeoning weapon is increased by 1d4 points.
Each bird-person has the ability to fly; movement rate is 36, with maneuverability class C. Base movement rate on land is 6.
An aarakocra can use his talons instead of a weapon during combat, striking twice in a round for l d3 points of damage with each successful hit. When using a javelin (if the character is proficient in its use), an aarakocra can make a special diving attack that gets a +4 bonus to attack and causes double damage.
When forced to fight in an enclosed area (any area where the aarakocra can't spread his wings and fly), an aarakocra receives a -2 penalty to all attack rolls.
The silvaarak are slightly longer-lived than their primitive cousins. Even so, the oldest aarakocra known lived to only age 42.
Suggested Experience Points

Each game session, Aarakokran PCs add 1% of their next level jump xps if they role-played the Aarakokra well (reverence for nature, claustrophobia), another 1% if they relied on Aarakokran combat skills and tactics (dive-bombing), and another 1% if they effectively used Aarakokran noncombat skills and philosophy (take advantage of flying ability, scout out area, keep a "bird’s" eye view of every situation, etc.)

Racial Penalties:
Bludgeoning Damage
Claustrophobia and Enclosed Fighting Disadvantage
Racial Benefits

Arakokrans receive 30 points to distribute among the following:

10 Aim Bonus +1
5 Beak Attack for d2 damage(combined for 3 attacks claw d3/claw d3 /beak d2).
5 Dextrous flying: PC especially adept and flies as maneuverability class B.
5* Javelin bonus when dive-attacking: +4 to hit and double damage.
5 Movement bonus: 9" movement on ground.
5 Net bonus: +1 to hit; hit entangles opponent; strength check frees opponent from the net.
5* Talon attack: the PC can use his talons in combat, thus allowing two claw attacks (d3) per round with no proficiency penalty.
15 Sharper talons: d6 instead of d3 damage per talon.
10* Improved armor class: Tough skin and feathers provide AC 7.

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