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House Psionics

All of the House Rules series are in-house documents are intended for the makers’ campaign only, not for circulation. Most of these documents deal with and/or reproduce parts of TSR’s copyrighted materials.  We do not wish to infringe on TSR’s copyright!

House Psionics is my overall vision of psionics, based on Dark Sun Novels, and on TSR's Skills & Powers Psionics version. I have also developed and refined the Psychic Combat Rules for consistency and playability. These rules have been play-tested by six DMs, who unanimously preferred it to either of TSR's published versions of Psionics.  I eagerly welcome the comments of anyone who wishes to corroborate or dispute my claims!

Since this psionics subsection is as big as the rest of the House Rules section put together, this page is set up to make your navigation easier. The following pages are currently available.

The Table of Contents below will eventually hyperlink to all of the House Psionics information on the site.

Psionic Primer House Psionicist Psionic Powers

Table of Contents:

Psychic Energy and Psionics

Psyche, Psychic Energy
Psychic Protection
Psionic Powers & Harbingers
Wild Talents
The five psionic disciplines


Being admitted
Attacking a breached mind
A defending psyche
A breached psyche

The Mindscape

Line of sight necessary to initiate combat
Recognition of attacker through harbingers
Benign telepathic powers rely on trust
Attack mode necessary for a harbinger to breach
Psychic combat limited to attack mode range

Psychic Combat

Psp damage to a defending mind
Defender breached by a loss of all psps
Victim usually aware of breaching
Aware victim can attempt to re-seal mind
Triggering telepathic powers upon breach
Psychic attack modes
Psychic defense modes comprehensive
Psychic Combat Chart

Psionic Powers

Triggering a psionic power
Psychic contests
Compiled Psionic Powers Chart

Sciences and Devotions

Clairsentient Powers
Psychokinetic Powers
Psychometabolic Powers
Psychoportive Powers
Telepathic Powers

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