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valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Traits include inherent advantages that cost charps.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Traits also include inherent disadvantages that grant extra charps that can be spent elsewhere.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Traits and disadvantages can only be acquired by starting characters.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) "Principle" traits replace the Alignment system.

Traits include Advantages, Disadvantages, and Principles.

Advantages are inherent benefits to your character. Some advantages are biological, some situational, and some (like "lucky") just completely unexplained and bizarre. Advantages can only be bought when creating a character.

Advantages often amplify the effects of learned non-weapon proficiencies. The role that traits play on proficiency check must be factored into the number needed for skill success, otherwise the DM will use the base minimum skill check number.

PCs have 20 charps with which to purchase traits, plus up to 5 (up to 10 if the character is human) charps transferred from the Step III: Races and Characteristics, plus any points gathered from purchasing disadvantages (see below). Up to 10 unspent points from this section may be transferred to step IV: Classes and benefits.

Players who want traits must spend the charps to purchase traits during character creation, since inherent qualities obviously cannot be learned. To offset the heavy initial charp cost of traits, brave players may consider acquiring disadvantages. Taking disadvantages grants you a charp bonus! Disadvantages (no more than two) must be chosen at character creation, and a character may never gain more than 15 charps from a disadvantages.

Characters can buy off disadvantages as they gain experience (and charps). Disadvantages always take 2 more charps to get rid of than they granted in the first place. See the DM for details.

Principles are new to House Rules. Combining some of the aspects of both advantages and disadvantages, House Principles replace the alignment system.  More suggestions for this system (and questions if it is not clear) are welcome.

Transferring Extra Charps to Character Class

When you have selected a race, racial characteristics, and traits, move on to the Step V in the next book: Character Creation Supplement: Character class. Remember that non-human characters may transfer up to five unspent charps from Step IV to Step V, allowing them to purchase additional benefits in a given class. Humans, the more adaptable ones, may transfer up to ten unspent Step IV charps to Step V.

Race-Class Limitations

Before selecting a class or classes for your character, remember to check under your race-class limitations in your race description in this book.

Advantages Disadvantages Principles

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