What Your Father Told You

Two ex-slaves
Defiler to Student
Free Human, City
Human Noble, City
Human Slave, City
Mul Slave, City
Rebel Slave
Tyrian Templar
Elemental Priests



Some time ago, Michael Cugley set members of the Dark-Sun discussion group with the following challenge:


When I played RuneQuest, many moons ago, there were a series of essays that really helped set the mood and culture of the various peoples in the game. They were structured as a set of questions to a parent, priest, tribal chief, or whomever, and their answers; just the sort of questions a child might ask the adults around them.

What I'd like to see is a series of them, one for each race and social class.

Sound interesting to anyone?"

Mike went on to write a number of mood- and culture- setting pieces; his challenge also inspired a number of list members to write a few more.  These essays were originally submitted to the dark-sun mailinglist starting January 98. If I have missed any in this collection, please let me know!

What Your Father Told You

Human City Freeman by Mike Cugley
Human City Nobleman by Mike Cugley
Human City Slave by Mike Cugley
Rebel Slave by Mike Cugley
Mul Slave Gladiator by Dan Sharp [unfinished]
Defiler to his student by Emanuele Sacchi
Two ex-slaves to a group of children by Darknight
Tyrian Templar to his recruit by Carrie Slavin
Fire Priest to student by Gabriel Cormier
Earth Priest to student by Gabriel Cormier
Water Priest to student by Gabriel Cormier
Air Priest to student by Gabriel Cormier
Sun Priest to student by Gabriel Cormier
Half-Giant to daughter by Brax


Mike Cugley continues to encourage development of additional fables.  See below for details.

Note from the author:

The problem with redistribution is the fact that this is Dark Sun stuff, with some copyrights and trademarks of WoTC/TSR. I personally am fine with it being redistributed (with the original author credited and notes of modification added), but I'd be careful of WoTC/TSR's net policy

Plans for: What Your Father Told You

From michael.cugley@virgin.net Sun Jan 25 14:16:58 1998
To: Dark Sun Mailing List <dark-sun@MPGN.COM>
Subject: [DARK-SUN] - Plans for: What Your Father Told You

Okay, I've had a think about where I want this "net project" of mine to go - it'll take too long to write them *all* :) so here's some ideas for WYFTY's that I think would be useful...

A caravan guard, from the character's home city. This person could give an overview of what the other cities are like, from a local's point of view.

A priest [one each of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water] giving a quick precis of their beliefs. Also, one each aimed specifically at Cleric characters - the words of their Mentors. Druids too, obviously.

A Templar - one to a "civillian" ("Praise the Sorcerer-King, Obey the Sorcerer-King", etc - the "party line") and one to a neophyte Templar.

Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Thri-Kreen, Half-Giants, Pterrans, Aarakocra (sp?) etc. would need their own. Muls are (almost) all born into slavery, so they would probably just need a slightly modified "slave" background. Not quite sure what to do for half-elves, given that they might be raised by an Elven parent, a Human one, or none at all.

A Preserver/Defiler's Mentor to their student.

Any other suggestions?
Mike Cugley

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