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(Telepathic Science 1)
MAC: 8
PSP Cost: 6/r
Preparation time: C+ RT
Range: 30 yards
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisite: Mindlink

This power only can be used on an open mind. With it, the user projects mental commands into the mind of one other being. The dominated target knows what’s happening, but he can’t resist the user’s will, so he is forced to do nearly anything the user wishes. The target’s abilities remain unaffected by this power, and he can be made to use any power he possesses—assuming the user knows about it. Domination doesn’t reveal facts or secrets about the target.

When domination is attempted, the target makes a saving throw vs. spell. If successful, the target isn’t dominated. If the save fails, the target falls under the user’s control for as long as the user pays the PSP cost The PSP cost is dependent on the target’s level, as shown below. Later, if the target is forced to do something against his alignment, he can attempt another saving throw to regain his free will.

Target’s Level PSP Cost
1-5 levels or HD 6
6-10 levels or HD 12
11-15 levels or HD 22
16-20 levels or HD 32
21+ levels or HD 50


(Telepathic Science 2)
MAC: 4
Range: touch
PSP Cost: varies
Area of Effect: one item
Prerequisites: Encharge, Entune

Characters using this science imbue an item with rudimentary intelligence and psionic ability. The process requires extraordinary time and effort, and is not something to be abandoned for other pursuits. Unlike the devotion encharge, items created with this science tend to be more powerful, sophisticated, and complex.

Item Requirements: An item must meet two requirements before it can be empowered. First, it must be of exceptional quality—worth 250% to 500% of the normal cost for an item. Second, it must be newly constructed. The process of empower must begin within 48 hours after the item is manufactured. If it’s delayed longer, the item cannot be empowered—all attempts automatically fail. If the item meets these two requirement, the psionicist can begin the empowerment.

Step One: At the start of each day, the psionicist must prepare the item to receive psionic power. This costs 30 PSPs and requires a MAC check. If this check fails, the day is wasted; no further progress can be made until the next day. If a second check fails, which takes the process beyond 48 hours, the item cannot be empowered.

Step Two: If the item has been prepared, the psionicist can give it access to a discipline. It can have access to only one discipline, never more, and the psionicist must have access to it as well. This step cost 70 PSPs and requires a MAC check.

Step Three: The psionicist can attempt to empower the item with any single power he knows within the chosen discipline (the item must have been properly prepared on the same day). The psionicist must make two successful MAC checks: first, a check for the chosen power (using that power’s MAC score), and second, another empower check. If both checks are successful, the item has that psionic power, with a MAC two points below the psionicist’s. At the conclusion of Step Three, the psionicist must spend another 70 PSPs.

Step Four: The psionicist can imbue the item with another power by repeating Step Three. The item can acquire one power per day, if properly prepared.

Step Five: Prior to sealing the item (see Step Six), the MTHAC0 of the item needs to be determined. The base MTHAC0 of any psionic item is equal to half the psionicist’s level, rounded down, subtracted from 25. For example, a psionic item created by a 12th level psionicist would have a base MTHAC0 of 19 (12 . 2=6; 25-6=19). The psionicist can improve the MTHAC0 of the item by expending additional PSPs. For every 30 PSPs spent the MTHAC0 is improved by one (to a total number of days equal to half the psionicist level, round down). The psionicist can only reduce the MTHAC0 once per day, and the item must be successfully prepared each day.

Step Six: When the item has acquired all the power which the psionicist intends to give it, the psionicist then seals the powers within the item. To do this the item must be prepared (see Step Two), and requires a MAC check. Once sealed, the item can never gain any additional powers—but it can’t lose them either. An item that has not been properly sealed looses one power per month until it is just a normal object again.

An empowered object has 6 PSPs per devotion and 9 per science. It has an Intelligence score equal to its maker’s Intelligence minus 1 d6 points, with a minimum of 12. Its ego is 2 points per devotion and 3 points per science. Additional PSPs can be added to the item by permanently exchanging PSPs of the psionicists to the item. This is done before the object is sealed, and requires a MAC check. For example, a psionicist with 106 PSPs can give 6 PSPs to an object, permanently reducing his total to 100 PSPs.

The alignment of an object matches its creator. Psionic weapons tend to have their own personality and like all intelligent weapons will try to assert their independence. The empowering process must be unbroken. If a day passes in which the psionicist does not at least try to prepare the object, its is finished as is. He cannot even try to seal the powers, and they’ll wear off over the course of time.

Fumble — The psionicist accidentally places his own psyche into the item; his body lives on as a vegetable for d12 days, and then gives up and dies.

Empathic Projection

(Telepathic Science 3)
MAC: 9
PSP Cost: 5/r
Area of Effect: 10 Yard Radius
Prerequisite: Send Thoughts

This power allows the user to send emotions to everyone within the radius — to even those not contacted. The power cannot radically change a character’s emotional state. However, a very angry character could be made only slightly angry. This only changes emotions by degrees.

A psionicist can use this power to bolster a character’s courage. The psionicist can remove any fear effect that is currently affecting a character, automatically dispelling it. This use of suppress fear ends the terror created by the spells cause Fear, Emotion, Eyebite, Fear, Scare, Spook, and Symbol, as well as the psionic powers of Invincible Foes and Phobia Amplification.

If the psionicist uses this power on a character who has not been frightened yet, the subject gains a temporary bonus of +4 to any morale checks or saving throws against magical or psionic fear effects. If the spell or power would not normally allow a saving throw, the psionicist may attempt a second power check to see if his fear suppression defeats the effect anyway. This protection lasts one turn, plus a number of rounds equal to the psionicist’s level.

Fumble — The psionicist affects himself rather than the target.


(Telepathic Science 4)
MAC: 7
PSP Cost: 7/r
Range: 100 yards
Preparation Time: C + *
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisites: Sight link, false sensory input

This science allows the psionicist to project Visions or images into the victim’s mind. In effect, it is like a psionic phantasmal force. The psionicist can make his victim believe he is seeing, hearing, or feeling almost anything. The psionicist can attack the victim with hallucinatory monsters or spells, deceive the victim by making a company of soldiers resemble a grove of palms, or even make him think that a flagon full of acid actually contains cool, refreshing water.

In general, the rules for adjudicating illusions on pages 84 and 130 of the Player’s Handbook are appropriate for determining the effects of any hallucinatory effects. If the psionicist carefully constructs the hallucination and provides the victim with what he expects to see, the victim may not even receive a saving throw. The physical effects of hallucinations are psychosomatic; the victim may believe he is being mauled by a monster, but he is not really being harmed physically. Maintaining a hallucination requires full concentration on the part of the psionicist. If he makes a physical attack or initiates another psionic power while maintaining this power, the victim instantly receives a saving throw versus spells with a +4 bonus to break free of the hallucination.

Interceptive Field

(Telepathic Science 5)
MAC: 6
PSP Cost: Special
Preparation Time: 1 hour
Area of Effect: Special
Prerequisites: Psionic Awareness Field

This science allows the psionicist to intercept telepathic and clairsentient harbingers crossing over into a sealed-off area. While Psionic Awareness and Diversive fields are common, only the most paranoid sorcerer-king (Daaskinor) maintains an interceptive field over a large area.

An interceptive field is inexpensive to maintain, but extremely expensive to set up. Maintenance costs only 1 PSP per 10 yards radius per hour; but increasing the field size (or initiating the power) costs this amount squared. For example, to maintain a 300 yard radius field would cost 30 PSP per hour, but to set it up would cost [30x30] or 900 PSP. Fortunately this field can be set up incrementally.

While the initiation of this power is detectable by psionic sense, the maintenance is not. The field is a flattened bubble centered on the psionicist; its upward and lower radius equals 10% of its outward radius. Once the field is set up, it blocks anyone from attempting to psionically or magically scry into the field from the outside, or to mentally contact someone on the outside.

For practical reasons, large-scale Interceptive Fields are invariably set up and run by groups of psionicists using Superior Convergence, which allows psionicists to leave, rest, and return to the convergence circle.

Fumble — The psionicist (and all those he is converged with) thinks the power is successful, and maintains it with no effect save expenditure of psps and time.

Telepathic Devotions
Telepathic Sciences


(Telepathic Science 6)
MAC: 7
PSP Cost: 30
Area of Effect: 5’ by 20’ cone (up to 6 creatures)
Prerequisites 8th level, synaptic static

Some psionicists can project a wave of deadly mental force that can destroy lesser intellects. The science of mind flame allows a psionicist to attack all creatures in the area of effect with a mental barrage that can incapacitate or even kill its victims. The area affected by the power is a cone 20 feet long and 5 feet wide, with its apex at the psionicist. Up to six victims in this area can be affected.

Victims who are psionicists can protect themselves against the effects of mind flame by throwing up a simple mind blank or other defense, but any creature that does not know a psionic defense mode can be affected. The effects vary with the victim’s level or Hit Dice

Level or HD Effect
Less than 1 Comatose for d6 days, lose d3 points of Intelligence
1 to 2 Unconscious for 2d4 turns, lose 1 point of Intelligence
2+1 to 4 Paralyzed for d4 turns
4+1 to 8 Stunned for 2d6 rounds
8+1 or more Dazed for d3 rounds

Regardless of the effect, the victim is entitled to a saving throw versus death to avoid the effects of the mind flame. Creatures rendered comatose by the mind flame must make a second saving throw versus death or die at the end of their unconsciousness. Creatures rendered unconscious must make a second saving throw or lapse into a coma (without the risk of death).

Stunned creatures may not move, attack, Initiate psionic powers, or cast spells, and suffer a -2 penalty to Armor Class. Dazed creatures may move at half normal speed, attack with a -2 penalty, and defend normally. They must make a successful saving throw versus spells to initiate a psionic power or cast a spell.

The effects of the mind flame can be corrected by psychic surgery, a limited wish, or a cure serious wounds its or more powerful healing spell.

Mind flame is exhausting to the psionicist; if invoked more than once in a day, the psionicist suffers a -4 to his MTHAC0 for 24 hours. It is also a very dark use of one’s inner strength, and psionicists who maim lesser intelligences will find their alignments moving toward evil.

Fumble—The psionicist burns out this power and may not attempt mind flame again for 2d8 weeks.


(Telepathic Science 7)
MAC: 8
PSP Cost: 7+/r
Preparation Time: C + RT
Range: Normal senses
Area of Effect: Individual

This power only can be used on an open mind, allowing the user to communicate wordlessly with any intelligent creature. This is two-way communication. It isn’t the same as mind reading, because the user receives only those thoughts the target wants to send. Language isn’t a barrier to mind link.

In Game terms, only words, not images are communicated.


(Telepathic Science 8)
MAC: 5
PSP Cost: 8/r
Range: 50 Yards
Preparation Time: C+*
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Prerequisites: Mindlink, Probe

Mindwiping is a crude form of psychic surgery which affects the subject’s IQ (like a temporary lobotomy). The telepath systematically seals off portions of the subject’s mind, making whatever knowledge was contained there inaccessible.

When a mindwipe is attempted, the victim saves vs. spells. If he succeeds, the mindwipe is thwarted for one round, but next round the psionicist can try again.

Each round of mindwiping has two important, immediate effects. First, it reduces the victim’s intelligence and wisdom scores by 1 point. Second, it reduces his experience level or hit dice by 1 point.

These reductions have considerable impact. All characters may lose languages or proficiencies and their magical defense adjustment. Experience level and hit dice losses affect everything except hit points. The victim keeps all of his hit points regardless of what is wiped from his mind.

Intelligence and wisdom losses affect wizards and clerics as if those losses were permanent. Clerics lose bonus spells, their chance of spell failure rises, and eventually they cannot cast spells. Wizards suffer reductions in their maximum spell level, their chance to learn spells, and their maximum spells per level.

When the number of available spells at a spell-level drops, a character must make an ability check before casting a spell of that level. Wizards roll an Intelligence check. Clerics roll a wisdom check. Both use current scores. If the check succeeds, the character can cast the spell. If it fails, he has forgotten the spell and can’t cast any spell that round.

Mindwipe only seals off information; it doesn’t erase it. All of a character’s lost wisdom, intelligence, and experience levels can be restored through psychic surgery.

This power has no effect against creatures with neither stats nor hit dice.


(Telepathic Science 9)
MAC: 8
PSP Cost: 10/r
Preparation Time: C + RT
Range: 2 yards
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisite: ESP, Identity Penetration

This power only can be used against an open mind. With it, the user can dig deeply into a target’s subconscious. If the target fails a saving throw vs. spell, then all of his memories and knowledge are accessible to the user from memories deep below the surface to those still fresh in the target’s mind. The information is true (or at least the target believes it to be true).

A probe can be tried during melee if the user is close enough and the target’s mind is opened. The user knows when a probed spell caster is casting a spell and what the general effects of that spell are. The user can learn the answer to one question per round, though DMs can alter this rate. Complex questions and answers may take longer than a round to resolve.

Psychic Surgery

(Telepathic Science 10)
MAC: 8
PSP Cost: 9
Preparation Time: C + *
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisite: Probe, 7th level

This power allows the user to repair psionic damage. He can operate on himself if need be, but the power’s MAC improves to 5. Phobias, aversions, idiocy, comas, seizures-all these mental ailments and more can be treated and cured. However, curses or magical conditions such as charms can’t be cured by this power. Nor can the surgery cure possession, though it can identify such a condition and force psionic combat. Most such ailments can be cured in I turn. If the MTHAC0 roll fails, the problem is too great for the user; he can try again when he gains a new experience level.

This power has two special uses. First, it can help characters unleash their wild talents. If the user performs this kind of operation successfully, the patient gains a +2 bonus to his wild talent roll.

Second, the user can make the effect of any telepathic power permanent without any PSP costs. The power isn’t bestowed upon the recipient, only the effect. This has the following restrictions: 1) The power must have a range greater than 0; 2) the surgeon must know the power and successfully use it on the patient; 3) the user can’t do this type of operation to himself or another psionicist; 4) only one power can be made permanent per turn, and 5) if the MTHAC0 roll equals the MAC number, the procedure takes 2 turns. Likewise, this power can also remove a permanently implanted power.

Split Personality

(Telepathic Science 11)
PSP Cost: 15/r
Preparation Time: d4 rounds
Area of Effect: Personal
Prerequisites: Safe Contact,
10th level

This is not a psychosis; it's the power to divide one's mind into two independent parts. Each part functions in complete autonomy, like two characters in one body. Both parts communicate fully; both can use psionic powers, even at the same time. That means a split personality can use twice as many psionic powers per round. (The character's total number of PSPs remains the same, however, with both personalities drawing from it.) Alternately, one personality can use psionic powers while the other does something else--e.g., converse, ponder a puzzle, or control the body in melee. Thus, split personality allows a character to fight physically and psionically at the same time.

Mental attacks directed against the psionicist affect only half of the mind. Contact must be established separately with each half. If one half is destroyed, controlled, or subdued somehow, the other half can continue fighting independently and retains control of the body.

Before he attempts to make his personality whole again, the psionicist must make a saving throw vs. paralyzation if any of the following is true: I) he does not control both portions of his mind, 2) he has unrepaired psychic damage, or 3) is suffering unwanted contact. A successful save means that his mind returns to complete health and throws off all undesired influences. Failure means that the afflicted portion of his mind becomes dominant and he passes out for 1d6 turns, but regains consciousness free of undesired influences .

Fumble—The character passes out for 1d6 turns.

Superior Convergence

(Telepathic Science 12)
MAC: 7
PSP Cost: 40
Range: 50 yards
Preparation Time: C +
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisites: Empower, Learn Skill, Convergence

This science allows the psionicist to Converge with other psionicists with the converge devotion (q.v.), but in this convergence, psionicists may drop in or out of the convergence at will, and the others who remain may maintain any powers that they have already initiated. Furthermore, the group may maintain up to five powers as a group, no matter who drops out of the convergence, as long as at least one member of the group possesses Superior Convergence.

Like convergence, this power requires an initial PSP but no maintenance cost. At least two characters are required to maintain this power. Anyone who drops out of the greater convergence (even the last members to drop out) is left with only 1 PSP. Extra psps are lost.

Telepathic Devotions
Telepathic Sciences

Switch Personality

(Telepathic Science 13)
MAC: MAC of Victim
PSP Cost: 40
Range: Touch
Preparation Time: C+1 round
Area of Effect: Psionicist and Subject
Prerequisites: 10th level, Mind Link, Telepathic projection

Some psionicists can literally put themselves in another man’s (or woman’s) shoes. This science allows the psionicist to switch his own mind with someone else’s. In effect, they exchange bodies. The other person’s mind inhabits the psionicist’s body, while the psionicist’s mind inhabits his subject’s body. The switch is permanent, and lasts until the psionicist uses this power to reverse it.

Each character gains the other’s physical attributes. However, both minds retain all their own knowledge and knowledge-based abilities. For example, a telepath who switches minds with a 10th level fighter gains a body with that fighter’s hit points and physical attributes (Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity). However, he retains his own THAC0, proficiencies, and so forth.

The switch takes a turn to complete, and the process is quite traumatic. At the end of the turn, both characters must make system shock saving throws using their new Constitution scores. A character who fails this roll lapses into a coma for 1-100 hours.

Bodies that have undergone a personality switch tend to degenerate. Both characters must make a Constitution ability check every day. If a check fails, the character loses one point of Constitution. If his Constitution drops to zero, he dies.

This constitution loss is temporary, but it does not reverse itself until the personalities are restored to their proper bodies. At that point, both bodies recover one point of constitution per day.

The psionicist does not lose his psionic powers if his constitution drops below 11. However, PSP bonuses do drop.


(Telepathic Science 14)
MAC: 5
PSP Cost: 75
Preparation Time: 3 rounds
Area of Effect: 50' radius
Prerequisites: Mindflame

A character using psionic ultrablast can overwhelm and damage nearby psyches. To do this, he casts thought waves in all directions. In laymen's terms, the psionicist "grumbles" psychically for three rounds. Then his consciousness bursts forth and a horrid, psychic scream penetrates all minds within 50 feet. Victims may never be the same again.

All characters within 50 feet of the psionic ultra blast must save vs. paralyzation. Failure means they pass out for 2d6 turns. Those who pass out must immediately save vs. paralyzation again. If they fail a second time, they lose all psionic power. Only psychic surgery can help them recover this loss.

Although the blast does not affect the initiator, the risks are great. If the MTHAC0 roll fails, he becomes comatose for 1dl0 days. Some characters may think he's dead.

Fumble—The initiator must save vs. paralyzation or die. If he lives, he loses the use of all his psionic powers for 2d6 days.

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