Dark Sun Figurines

Several people on the Dark-Sun list have asked about Dark Sun figurines.  I am no artist (and as you see no photographer either), but I do have a nice functional set of Dark Sun figures, and since no one else is coming forth with their set, here are some of mine. 

Fortunately, I was able to purchase all of Ral Partha's Dark Sun sets except for the dwarves, which I was unfortunately unable to get.  This Gith painted up nicely. I am also rather partial to this half-Giant.  

There is also another male half-giant and a female half-Giant as well, but I could not find them for this picture.  Ral Partha's male half-Giant with the club (missing ) looks particularly frightening.


The Woman and Mul are also by Ral Partha.

Most of my Dark Sun figures were actually not designed as Dark Sun figures.  Take most figures and paint non-metal weapons and armor, and you can get the effect.  Desert warriors are in abundance, like this fellow:

Unfortunately, while swords are less common in Dark Sun, and spears are most common due to building materials, I have found that spears break off easily in most packing situations.

Finally the mother of all figurine dilemmas, the Kank!

Good luck finding any figurine that works for the kank!  Not available!  Correct me if I am wrong!

My solution: plastic flatback roaches.  I found 30 of these for sale at 25 cents (US) each among children's toys.  Perfect for gaming for scale, and for the fact that I can stand a normal Human-sized figurine on top of the plastic roach, simulating an M-sized humanoid riding a kank.

My last trick (none too sophisticated, mind you) is Edible Monsters.  When I can, I find scale-sized candies to simulate monsters for mass combat.  The idea is: You kill it, you eat it.  

WARNING: Just make sure your figurines are painted and varnished, unless you fancy the idea of lead poisoning!  This also applies to eating snacks while playing with figurines!

I welcome anyone to send links to their own DS figurine pages.


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