House Rules

Dark Sun was originally designed for experienced gamers, and was set up to use all of the AD&D "optional" combat rules.  Unfortunately, this is one of the many characteristics that the later Dark Sun designers decided to part with. TSR's excellent supplements such as Combat & Tactics, Skills & Powers, and Spells & Magic, sailed past the Dark Sun design. Clearly there was a demand for the integration, since for a couple years, supplement-DS integration was the subject of most Dragon articles that touched on Athas.  The Dragon Annual # 1 is an excellent example.  Unfortunately, these articles set out to integrate DS with C&T, or with S & P, but never both. It does not help that there are some inherent conflicts between C&T and S&P!

That is where I come in . . .

TSR has kindly given me permission to post these patch rules for the use of those on the newslist, but I cannot give permission for anyone to reproduce them, since I don't work for TSR.
There is much more to come (such as House Proficiencies), but it needs careful formatting and filling-in.

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